The New Currency of Social MediaSocial media has changed a great deal in the past decade. And yes, it’s been over a decade since Facebook started – I joined in 2007. What I’ve learned is that in today’s noisy world of blogging, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler etc. is that GREAT content is the most valuable currency and that in order to create a community and grow that community, it’s essential to share and post content that people care about.

Gratitude Tip: I am truly grateful for all of you who read my blog posts, comment, share them on Facebook and other sites. Gratitude is a topic that doesn’t normally ‘trend’ or catch the eyes of the media and it’s thanks to this amazing gratitude community that more and more people are choosing to wake up and live daily gratitude. We are making a difference and I have a vision of creating a bigger impact on a global scale in the next 12 months.

I attended a great event yesterday with the Women Entrepreneurship group in Hamilton, run by Shelley McQuade, Founder & CEO of Cypress Strategies. This is a series of events and yesterday the topic was Content Creation & Social Media strategies, featuring a panel of speakers: Sharon Ricci of The Influence Factor, Rachael Abram of Rachael Abram Communications, and Tyler Welch of The Forge.

Even though I spend a lot of time on social media and have been using it as a part of my business strategy for years, I find that I can always learn something when I attend these sessions, as everyone has a different perspective on social media and different experiences. I have read and listened to Gary Vaynerchuk quite a bit and loved his new book (I have the audio format) #ASKGARYVEE: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media and Self-Awareness. And I feel confident that I have built a solid following on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. One of the areas that I am looking for growth is with my blog. And I asked the panel for some advice on how to grow the blog.

Here are few great ideas on how to get your (GREAT) content shared:

First, connect with other, more successful bloggers (i.e. those with a larger following and daily page visits) and offer to do a guest blog post. I’d love a referral if you read another blog that has a similar message around gratitude, entrepreneurship or nutrition.

Second, invest some time and money into Facebook ads, work with a professional if needed. Facebook ads are a great way to get your content in front of the right people – you can really target a very niche market for a very inexpensive investment. One of the challenges that I have is that I haven’t learned how to target well enough, so my ads aren’t getting to right people.

Third, make sure you make it easy for people to opt-in and join your list. This is an area that I really have to fix. My website was created three years ago with a custom template. I am not longer working with the company that created it so it has not been updated to work with the new WordPress updates and it’s not easy for people to subscribe to the daily blog posts. I have to decide to spend the time and money on it, and once I do, I’m sure that will help me tremendously.

Fourth, consider doing sponsored content. Many product manufactures are looking for bloggers to use and review their products and how much they pay will be a reflection of how many readers you have. Connect with brands you know and trust, and see if they have a new product they would like your community to learn about.

Fifth, write other people’s stories. If you’re not that great at writing or not comfortable sharing all of your own story, interview other people and share their stories. A great suggestion was made for a realtor to interview different buyers with different backgrounds to share their experiences of buy or selling a home – for example working with an immigrant family buying their first home or someone who has moved across the country and is now settled in a new community.

A great session and there were many great ideas shared. Like all great ideas, until we decide to take action, nothing happens. I am making a commitment to spend some time each week on growing my blog, fixing my website and building this gratitude community one subscriber at a time. And if you’ve read this far and like what you’re reading, please sign up for the daily gratitude blog posts here.

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