Time for me to let you learn from my experiences. Many of you may have received a newsletter from my new website, Inspired By Julie Caroline, this week. This newsletter is a short bit of info, Success Tips, that will be sent out bi-monthly. The first edition was meant to be a Welcome to my new website and newsletter.

Here’s what happened when I sent it out – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good – I have had the chance to reconnect with people whom I hadn’t spoken to in years. The newsletter caught their attention and I received a nice email asking about what’s new. I also got some great feedback from friends, family and colleagues.

The Bad – My list had a high un-subscribe rate, which caused it to be flagged as sp*m. I had indicated on the newsletter that if you did not want to receive this newsletter twice a month, please un-subscribe. This is where the trouble started.

The Ugly – The last time I sent out a newsletter was over 2 years ago.  Many of you know, I’ve been on a long maternity leave and have just started working again a few months ago. I’ll admit, I’ve been out of the loop.  New rules and regulations are in place to prevent people from receiving unwanted email.  Now, in order to send a newsletter through a program like MailChimp, your contacts MUST opt-in. I did not realize this – as it seems like every time I connect with someone at a networking event and share my business card, I am added to their list automatically.

So, where do we go from here? First, an apology if you received the newsletter without my permission. Second, I have erased my list from my MailChimp account, which means that in order for you to receive the newsletter, you’ll have to opt-in.  Many of you will have already received a personal email from me with the opt-in link. If you didn’t get the email and would like to join the list – I promise to email only TWICE a MONTH.

Yes! I’d like to opt-in to receive the newsletter.

Lesson learned!! And I hope this information is valuable for those of you who are starting your businesses and working on your websites – don’t get caught up in the same mess I did. And a BIG Thank-You to those of you who have already subscribed!

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