This is a great time of year. We are experiencing perfect weather, in my opinion.  It’s not too hot during the day, the humidity has dropped and it’s cool at night for sleeping. The days are getting shorter, but it’s easier to sleep in til 7 am, since the sun isn’t as bright yet. The nights are crisp, with a slight hint of fall. I really love this time of year.

I remember when I used to go to camp every summer. My favorite first camp experiences were at Camp Kitchikewana on Beausoleil Island, out of Honey Harbour in Northern Ontario.  I used to go to camp in August, and the last two weeks always had the best weather. Beautiful clear, crisp nights for looking at the stars or occasionally, the Northern Lights. Waking up to a chilly morning where you could see your breath, and crawling out of bed for Morning Dip (yes, we used to wash in the lake before we knew any better). Days full of sunshine, for sailing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking on the trails and swimming in the lake. The lake, Georgian Bay, was already mighty chilly by the end of August.

Of course these are all distant memories for me, but I still relish the end of summer. The growing season seems to have been extended this year in Ontario, and last weekend I attended not one or two Farmer’s Markets, but FOUR! I came home with a watermelon, cantaloupe, corn, tomatoes, sausages (for Dan), cheese curds (yum) and a few other treats. I want you to imagine this – when I purchased the watermelon, I was alone.  Dan was at a volleyball tournament and my friend Wendy who had accompanied me to the other markets, had called it a day.  I bought a four dollar, 20 lb watermelon and had to cart it back to my car.  The guy at the stall put the melon in a large corn bag (for a couple dozen ears of corn), and I slung the melon over my shoulder to carry it.  This must have been a sight – my round, melon-like belly in front and a large, round melon slung over my shoulder.  Lesson learned, no shopping at the market alone for the rest of the season.

We have been enjoying our bounty all week, in fact there was too much. The melons were so fresh and actually ripe when we bought them, so they had to be eaten quickly.  The watermelon was HUGE when we cut it and realized how much we had. It was so juicy and tasty, worth every bit of discomfort to carry it. If I was a food blogger, I’d have taken a few photos.  I am looking forward to another visit to the market this week, maybe even tomorrow!

What do you enjoy most about this time of year?

Finally, I don’t have the photos from the 3D ultrasound just yet, who knew that it might take a few visits to actually get a few good shots of her face. She has been very active during our sessions, she’s playing with the cord, sucking on it, grabbing her toes – all in front of her face! She’s a healthy baby and it already active and strong. We think she’s quite beautiful actually. I promise to share the photos after we hopefully get a few more tomorrow (Friday).

Have a super day everyone!

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