The Power of Team

We all know that together we can accomplish so much more! And yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to spend several hours with some of the most amazing leaders in the Toronto area, planning our 2015-2016 year. As many of you know, I have been building my network marketing business with USANA Health Sciences for over 9 years now. Being a part of a leadership team with 15+ leaders from around the area is truly an honour. What I love about this is that even though we are technically all ‘competitors’, we have come together to create something amazing that will benefit everyone. Collaboration will get us much further along than if we were working separately.

Gratitude tip: There is value in collaboration with your imagined ‘competitors’ because together we can always create more success and opportunities. There is more than enough abundance for all of us.

What is also great is that everyone has different strengths and we all have the chance to us them. Leanne Jacobs, our team leader, did an excellent job of attracting a team of people that have different strengths than she does. I really enjoy organizing the meeting and taking notes to keep everyone on track. It’s my happy place! And there are others who stepped up for different roles, based on their experience and talents.

Where can you collaborate with others in your life? Are there specific competitors that could be allies in a project that would help everyone with more success? I challenge you to approach someone who you consider to be more success than you are in your industry and ask them to collaborate on a project together. Build a team of people with different strengths and together you can create something amazing.

P.S. Mark your calendars! Our first big event will be on Saturday Sept 12th at the Westin Harbour Castle, Downtown Toronto.

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