The Responsibility of Freedom

Oct 19th, 2015, Federal Election Day in Canada. Politics is not a topic usually covered by my blog, but today is a very important day in Canadian history. Will you be a part of it?

Gratitude Tip: Voting for who you would like to run our country is one of the responsibilities of living in a democratic country. Not to be taken lightly, take a moment out of your day to cast your ballot. Remember with gratitude those who fought for your right to vote (women) and those who built our country as a democracy

My husband and I have already voted in the advanced polling. I have been committed to voting for as long as I remember, although I may not have cast my vote while I was living overseas a decade ago. I encourage those who are ages 18 – 24 to make time to vote, even if this is your first time, as voter turnout for this age group was the lowest in the 2011 election (less than 40%, see figure 5). Your vote does count. Your option has a right to be counted. Vote from a place of gratitude that you have the privilege of voting.

Social media has already been instrumental in getting a much higher voter turnout than in the previous election. The voter selfie (taken outside the polling stations please) is making the rounds on IG and Facebook.

As for who we’ve voted for – I’ll stick to the age old adage – I will keep my political views to myself – and simply encourage you to get out and vote, whether or not we agree on who to vote for.

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