This Saturday marked the first four weeks of our Slow Carb eating, based on recommendations by Tim Ferris in The 4-Hour Body.My husband Dan and I are each others partner in this experience, so every Saturday morning, just after we get up (well, after I get up for the 2nd time since Céline does wake me up at 5 am!), we weigh ourselves and take measurements from 7 different sites on our body.  It’s not very scientific, since we don’t always know which is the middle of the bicep or quad but we do our best.  After 4 weeks, here’s how things look:

Dan – Total weight loss: 10 lb, Total inches lost: 3 (most significantly around his waist)

Julie – Total weight loss: 6 lb, Total inches lost: 9 (most significantly around my hips – baby belly area)

Taking into account that I hadn’t lost any weight since early November, that Dan only exercises once a week on average (usually 2-3 times a week for me), that we aren’t counting calories or controlling portion sizes and that we get one day a week to binge to our tummies content – we are pretty excited about the results!!

In fact, we’ve decided to continue this current way of eating for a few more months.  Another valuable side effect of this plan, is that we are actually saving money on groceries and it’s easier to plan for the week.  Meals take very little time to prepare and the clean up is minimal. We don’t have to make too many choices on a daily basis, which really makes things easier. Here’s what a typical day of meals looks like:

Breakfast (around 8 am) – Protein shake for Dan (at least 30 g protein) since he is on the road, Scrambled eggs (1 egg and approx. 2 egg whites) with black bean, corn and onion mix (prepared for the week on Sunday) and salsa.

Lunch (around noon) – Dan eats lettuce wraps filled with sliced turkey (or roast beef), avocado and kidney beans topped with a bit of mayo and mustard.  I eat a large salad with quinoa, lentils, tomatoes, avocado, arugula and a bit of goat cheese with balsamic dressing.  The quinoa and lentil salad is prepared on Sunday for the week as well.

Late Afternoon Meal (around 4 pm) – Hard boiled egg, bean salad (from Costco, Fontaine Santé), carrots or other raw veggies (or veggies from the previous evening’s dinner).  This is perfect for me to eat at this time before I go tutoring.

Dinner (around 8 pm) – Stir fry veggies with grapeseed oil and spices (we buy bags of frozen Green Giant mixes, no prep time and the veggies are even better than fresh) with beans or lentils, chicken for Dan, salmon or tuna for Julie.  I each grilled salmon 3 times a week, and no more than 1 1/2 cans of tuna per week.  There is a President’s Choice Curry Tuna that mixes well with the stir fry veggies and beans.  1-2 glassed of red wine (we buy the 4 L box which lasts us about 10 days).

I found that within 2 weeks, I no longer missed my breads, chocolate, orange juice in the morning among other things. Plus I get to totally splurge on chocolate on Saturday – sometimes I feel a little sick afterward. I enjoyed sushi this past Saturday and pizza for dinner.  And beer!

I suggest that you do buy the book if you are planning to do this, there are a number of important instructions that should be followed for the plan to work.  We are taking a few liberties, which may be why we’re not losing quite a fast as other people have on the plan.  Or it could be that we don’t have as much to lose in the first place (hopefully). A few other great side effects, Dan’s snoring is more under control (in conjunction with his nightly melatonin) which makes for a better night’s sleep for me.  And I’m starting to feel better about my body and feel like I’m on my way to fitting into the dress I ordered for my sister’s wedding in July.  Nothing like having a target dress!

Do you have a plan that has worked for you? What are your current strategies for either losing weight or staying at your target weight? Please comment below – you are welcome to link to your blog as well if you’ve got a relevant post.

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