The Story Of Our Lives, A Poem

by | Mar 11, 2017 | Inspiration

The Story of Our Lives – A poem by Julie Boyer

What would you write if you had to tell the story of your life?

We all have a story, a beginning and someday, an end

And everything that happens in between


There is a quiet here, a reflective lack of sound,

As though time has slowed down

And we are left with nothing but the sound of rain


Yet time still passes and the story is written

Wondering how seasons pass so quickly

We rush in and out of space


How soon we become who we once only dreamed of

Someone who lived in a time so far from our childhood

And awaken in a world we once took for granted


We hold on to the days, the nights, the seasons

Time rushes out of our grasp and we struggle

Struggle to find time, make time, use time


Instead of making time and taking time

We are locked in a battle we can never win

As time will outlive us all


This is life, our time, our only chance to live

To breathe, to laugh, to dance, to cry

Too soon it becomes nothing but our story


A moment passes, never to exist again

We let it go without a thought

It becomes but a sentence in our story


We forget ourselves in our lives, our day to day existence

Forget that life is what we make of it

Forget that we can choose to have anything we desire


What is in our hearts is what matters in the end

Living a life that remembers moments

And enjoying time, that is all that really counts


How do you want your story to be written?

You choose, you decide

And the words will be laid out before you


So take this time you have been given

And live, laugh and love!

For we pass through this life only once


And at the end of our story, that is all that truly matters


Julie Boyer 4/03/06

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