Labyrinth Aerial 1

Labyrinth at Central Park in Burlington

Now that you’ve created your vision for the upcoming year, what happens now? We often get caught up in the ‘how’ but as Mike Dooley says in The Secret film, ‘The Hows are the domain of the Universe,’ so it’s best if we focus on being present and aware of our current surroundings, all while looking to our future vision.

Gratitude Tip: If we get caught up in worrying about HOW our vision will be realized, it won’t come to be realized. It does take inspired action to materialize our vision, so how do we do this when we’re not focused on the HOW? The key is to listen and watch for clues about what to do next. Do you have a strong desire to reconnect with someone? Attend a particular course or event? Read a certain book? Start a new class? When we listen carefully to how the Universe (or God or The Divine) is guiding us, the path to manifesting our vision will be revealed.

This is where meditation, yoga, conscious breathing and other practices that help you to quiet your mind are essential. Sometimes these ideas even come to us in the shower! Pay close attention to the ideas and suggestions that pop into your mind during these times. Write them down in your notebook so that they don’t escape, which they are likely to do. One of my favorite things to do is (in warmer weather) is to walk the labyrinth nearby. It’s like a maze, but there is only one way in and one way out. It’s a type of walking meditation. Many great ideas have come to me during these walks.

This year, why not focus on being more aware of what messages we are receiving from our subconscious? Let’s be mindful of what our intuition is telling us. When our gut tells us something is right – go for it. And when our gut tells us something isn’t right, let it go and say no. Tap into a higher power for 2016, whatever you believe it to be, and manifest bigger and better dreams than you ever thought possible.

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