I’m in between trips right now, I just returned from a quiet week up in Northern Ontario and am leaving for my annual trip to Salt Lake City in the morning.

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I have been thinking about Facebook and other social media and how it has really changed our lives and how we communicate. And I am very grateful for this. Here are some of the ways that I believe Facebook and other social media has enriched our lives:

  • Staying in touch with more people – sure, I’m not ‘real friends’ with the over 1,000 people I am connected with on FB, but I am certainly in touch with many more than I could have been in the past because of FB.
  • Reconnecting with people from the past – sometimes a sticky point for some people but remember that you can always say no when adding a friend. One of my close friends now is Sonya, who I knew when were gymnasts together – about 25 years ago!! Thanks to FB, we reconnected and have become very close friends and business partners.
  • Creating stronger relationships with people who are physically distant – I met Michael and Michelle Ward in Chicago in April, we spent a weekend together at a conference and have build a beautiful friendship through FB since. Looking forward to seeing them this week!
  • My family is very spread out and we use FB to communicate and share our photos and what’s going on in our lives. We don’t always take the time to connect but I feel like we are more connected because of FB. And my mother-in-law just loves to share photos I post of our daughter.
  • Getting to know people in different ways – sure, not everyone is transparent on FB or social media, but do I like it when a business partner or networking buddy shares photos of family vacations and other fun hobbies? Absolutely! Sometimes these things may bring us closer together as we realize we are more alike then we had every thought!

There are so many other reasons to be grateful for the gift of social media. I’d love to hear some of yours! Stay connected via Facebook, my once-in-a-while newsletterTwitter, Instagram or Linked-In. Would love to learn more about you too!

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