There Is Greatness Within You

Andre Gordon

Andre Gordon

‘There is Greatness Within You,’ – Quote attributed to André Gordon‘s mom. Gordon was the keynote speaker at yesterday’s 7 Figure Masterclass live event in Toronto. When I introduced him as one of the most powerful speakers I have heard in a long time – I meant it. He spoke for just over an hour and by the end, not only was there not a single dry eye in the house but the audience was inspired to make changes, dream bigger and to never let fear stand in the way of their goals & dreams.

Gratitude Tip: You are an incredibly powerful being of light. We were created by something greater than all of us, and that greatness lives within us. For we cannot be separated from that which created us. And therefore, we all have greatness within us. We just forgot that it was there. 


Gordon shared many examples from his own life where he overcame the odds and allowed his own greatness to shine. He is a master at the art of manifestation and shared with us a truly powerful story of how he literally manifested $300,000 out of thin air while working on his last film project. It got me thinking. That I’m not thinking nearly BIG enough. That I have put limits on my thinking. That I am capable of even more that I have been imagining.

Ask yourself this – where have I been putting limits on my own thinking? Where have I been telling myself that I’m not ‘enough’? Not good enough, strong enough. healthy enough, rich enough, beautiful enough, smart enough? It’s time to stop this line of thinking and start with more encouraging self-talk. I am enough. I am strong. I am smart. I have all of the wealth and opportunities I need to create the life I desire. Once again we come back to the power of affirmations.

Gordon is a true example of someone who believes that he is MORE than enough. He has a hugely successful career in Hollywood as an actor, director and producer. He’s won an Emmy Award and he’s worked with many of the greats in film and television. AND he’s also created a 6-figure USANA income in 3 years. At the same time! What he shared with us yesterday is that coincidentally, the level of success in his Hollywood career has taken off almost at exactly the same time as he started building his USANA business. Building a network marketing business along side what you are doing right now doesn’t take away from it. It can create exponential growth in BOTH, if you treat it as a business and take advantage of the business and personal growth opportunities that are a part of most network marketing businesses.

And, to top it all off, we had the chance to be a part of making one of Gordon’s dreams come true – being an International Speaker. Check out this great selfie he took from the stage!

Andre Gordon selfie from the stage (from Instagram)

Andre Gordon selfie from the stage (from Instagram)

Don’t miss next month’s event where our keynote speaker will be Leanne Jacobs, the founder of the 7 Figure Masterclass, bestselling author, International speaker, mom of 3 boys under three and step-mom to a 9 year old girl, and mentor to tens of thousands across the globe. We’ll be live on Saturday November 7th at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto from 10 – 1 pm. Tickets are already on sale.

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