Time To Move On

On Oct 1st, 2015, I will have been sending out my Live Daily Gratitude messages for two years.I have loved being able to share a simple message of gratitude with you every day for over 700 days! I have decided that my last Live Daily Gratitude message will be sent out on Sept 30th. Did you know that the total of all of these messages is over 25,000 words (a 60+ page word document!)? That’s the equivalent of a book!

Gratitude Tip: Deciding when to end a project is just as important as starting it. We can get caught up in continuing something that no longer brings us joy because we may be afraid that we’ll let people down. What projects have you been working on for too long?


This blog is what I’ll be sending out instead. I have made a commitment to My Year of Gratitude, A Gratitude Project and will continue to blog daily until next summer. After, who knows what project I will take on? I have plans to write another book or two on the subject of gratitude and I’m sure I’ll be taking some of my inspiration from my daily blog. What I like is that with a daily blog I have the opportunity to share my thoughts on current events. The daily gratitude reminders are usually created a month at a time and sent out via time zone, so cannot be changed more that 48 hours before they are sent out.

I’d love to hear from you, which blog posts have you enjoyed the most? Are you taking time to read them daily? Any particular topic you’d like me to cover?

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