Christmas Eve has always been a very special day for my family. For years we used to get together as a family of Christmas Eve, have a wonderful early dinner together, then head out to drive around and look at the Christmas lights. We’d come home, open presents and then have a late night soupe à l’oignon (French Onion Soup) that my dad made from scratch. Off to bed in the early hours of the morning and a nice sleep in on Christmas Day.

This year, things are a bit different for us. We’re spending the evening with Dan’s family and waking up on Christmas morning, our first time as a married couple. How exciting!! And the Boyer family celebration will occur in Mexico, starting on Sunday. Now that my parents live there year round, we have an excuse to visit in the winter.

As I reflect on 2009, I look back on a year that was filled with changes and challenges. From starting a new business from scratch, to planning a wedding in 4 months and getting married, to going back to teaching in a classroom – this year was full of changes! I am very grateful for these challenges though, because I know that every step of the way helps to get one step closer to my dreams, and our dreams as a family.

Last year on New Year’s Day, I did a thorough goal setting exercise with Dan. Some of the goals were for this year, and others for the next 3 years. Interestingly enough, when I look back on the goals, my family goals were achieved including spending 2 weeks with my parents this year (in fact, I had almost 3!). And I did achieve the goal of marrying Dan (we weren’t engaged last New Year’s) and the goal of spending more time with my sister and calling her every week.

This year, many of the 3 years goals will have changed, because of all of the changes last year. And that’s ok, that’s what life is all about. You create goals and adjust them as life moves ahead. And sometimes the goals you once had are no longer what drives you to success, so the goal has to be adjusted.

I will share my top 5 goals for the year next week, from Mexico. What are your BHAG this year? And if you need some help with goal setting and life planning, join me on the Success Blog with Darren Hardy on designing the next 10 years of your life.

Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad y Merry Christmas everyone!

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