Not too long after our holiday travel fiasco (the story starts here), I am already getting back on a plane tomorrow! Using one of the vouchers we received from Delta, I’ll be flying to San Francisco from Buffalo tomorrow evening.

After my last experience I wasn’t really sure that I would even want to go on this trip at all.  Yet I have always been a fan of travel and it’s hard for me to resist when I have the opportunity to take a trip. I have never been to San Francisco and this time I decided to arrive early so that I would have at least one day to take in the city.  At one point in time, Dan & I were planning to take this trip as our honeymoon (with a few days of training at the end).  That just wasn’t in the cards though, mostly because we just came back from our trip to Mexico last month.

Ironically, the part I really enjoy is BEING in a new place. And spending time there.  Not so much the airport and airplane part of things. That’s why when I moved overseas to Switzerland, I tended to stay in one spot for a long period of time and explored what was nearby. I’m a lot like my parents in that way.  When they sold their home in Oakville to live in a 31 foot trailer and drive around North American, they tended to spend at least a week – if not a month or two in every destination.

Even though this trip is a short one, I still have my day to be a tourist.  Whatever I choose to do has to involve more watching and relaxing, as opposed to walking (due to the aircast) but I have a feeling that down at Fisherman’s Wharf there is a lot to see. I am excited to see the Golden Gate bridge for myself and to experience the incredible weather changes that San Fran has on a daily basis. I think I’m escaping just in time as we are expecting snow over the next few days.

My questions for you today: First, have you been to San Francisco? And if so, what not to be missed if I only have one day? Second, do you prefer to travel to lots of places or live in one place for a longer period of time?

Thanks for all of your comments and emails about the cast. I was offered some very encouraging stories.

See you in San Francisco!

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