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Family photo

Family photo

Do you make a big deal about birthdays? Is it important for you to celebrate each year that passes? As children, our parents generally make a big deal about our birthdays but as we get older, we tend to only celebrate the milestone birthdays. Last December, I fell suddenly very ill with a serious bacterial infection and almost didn’t make it to my 39th birthday in January. I made a commitment to myself that I would celebrate everyone’s birthday (at the very least write on their Facebook wall) no matter how old or how young.

Gratitude Tip: Every birthday is important to celebrate! Being grateful for another year of life on Earth is so very important, especially since we never know when we’ll be celebrating our last one. 

frozen, elsa, julie boyer, daily gratitude, gratitude projectYesterday we celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday (her birth date is Monday the 28th) with friends. It was a perfect day for an outdoor party. She had asked for a Frozen, Star Wars, Shopkins theme for the party. I agreed and found a way to include the theme in all of the activities. At first, I had asked a friend who is a baker to make her cake, but through a twist of fate, I ended up making it myself. Now, I realize that I’m not as skilled as she is, but when it came time to make the cake, I was pleased to do it myself. I have fond memories (and lots of photos) of all of the cakes that my mom made for me. I know that she spent a lot of time and effort to make me the best cake possible every year. I decided that it was better to create the memory of me making the cake then worrying about having the perfect cake.

I am so grateful to be able to celebrate with my daughter, my family and our friends. I know that some of you are not with your children all of the time and even more heartbreaking, that some of you have angel children who will not celebrate anymore birthdays. The next time you’re preparing a celebration of life for someone’s birthday, keep that in mind. It’s truly an honour to rejoice in another turn around the sun.

Also, I’ll be 40 in January – there will be celebrations for sure!

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