One of the challenges that you may come across when making the change to a gluten-free lifestyle is that there are many hidden sources of gluten that may catch you unaware. Here are a few to watch out for:

  • Soy Sauce and many pre-made marinades contain wheat. Check the ingredients before buying. Tamari is a great option for soy sauce and San-J makes a great gluten-free Thai Peanut Sauce. San-J-Thai-Peanut-Sauce
  • Bulgar, spelt, kamut all contain gluten. Amarath, quinoa, brown rice, millet, buckwheat do not. Oats can be gluten-free but you must check the label as all oats are not gluten-free.
  • For sushi fans – there are lots of sources of wheat in sushi. Anything that is tempura (panko batter) or has imitation crab (contains wheat) and again soy sauce. Stick to vegetable rolls, sashimi and check all of the ingredients for maki rolls. Some sushi places do have tamari or simply take-out and use your own tamari sauce.
  • Vegetarians and lovers of veggie burgers and other lovers of Yves’ products: Most veggie burgers, veggie ground round, fake chicken, chicken cutlets etc. all contain wheat. I did not realize this until I made the switch to gluten-free. Before I realized my intolerance to gluten, I would eat veggie burgers regularly (without a bun) and have trouble digesting them. Now I know why!
  • Finally, if you love chocolate, as I love chocolate, here is another reason to stick with 70% dark chocolate. Many chocolate bars contain gluten! Anything with a wafer for example, kit-kat, coffee crisp. Sometimes is can be hard to read all of the ingredients so be cautious. My favorites are Lindt and Greens and Black Organic Fair-Trade.

Here is a link to another list of hidden sources of gluten from MindBodyGreen. And make sure you read the ingredient labels! Better yet, stick to whole foods, Tip #2!! What are you biggest challenges on your gluten-free journey? Please post your questions and I’ll answer them in a future post! JulieB

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