Tips For Traveling with Gratitude

Today I am flying to Salt Lake City for the annual USANA Health Sciences Convention! I am just a little bit excited to be reunited with my global USANA family. Over the next few days, my blog and social media will be all about #USANA15 and #USANAUnited as I am a social media ambassador for the Convention. This will be my 8th time attending the Convention and this year, I will have the absolute honour of speaking on the main stage this Friday, at the Energy Solutions Arena, where the UTAH Jazz play and where over 10,000 USANA associates will be gathered. I’ll be sharing my experience with you later this week.

Here are a few tips on making any travel day a success!

1. Pack your patience. There is so much that is out of our control when we travel, especially when it comes to airport delays. Being patient is helpful in any situation.

2. Be grateful and treat everyone you interact with with kindness. Acknowledge everyone you connect with at the airport. Say hello to the pilot, co-pilot and all of the crew. Thank the gate staff. Smile as often as possible.

3. Visual your desired outcome. This may sound silly, but when we flew to Vancouver as a family last month, we happened to be flying out on the same day that there was a rotating strike by the fuel workers at Pearson Airport. I kept visualizing that we would be boarding our plane and that we would arrive in Vancouver that night. Our gate was moved from one end of the airport to the other, and flights were being cancelled all around us. Less than an hour after we were meant to leave, we were boarding our plane.

4. Bring lots of healthy snacks and an empty water bottle. Many airports have water bottle filling stations now, so you don’t have to purchase a bottle once you’re past security. Best to board the plane with water so that you don’t have to wait for the beverage service on board. And although the food in airports is improving, make sure you have lots of snacks on hand in case of short connection times or lack of good options.

5. ¬†Rest as much as possible. If you’re like me and cannot sleep on the plane, bring a few books and fill your iPod or phone (on airplane mode) with audio books. Take a break from electronics. Give your mind some space to be creative. I am not a fan of in-flight wifi.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Salt Lake this week! Did I miss any valuable travel tips?

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