Treasure My Relationships

julie boyer, live daily gratitude, gratitude projectI am so grateful to have started this gratitude project and to be more focused on my core values. I highly recommend taking the time to figure out what yours are and posting them. Yesterday I had the opportunity to really live several of my core values on a play date with a few of my girlfriends and their children.

We visited a little farm not far from where we live, called The Dutchmill. There are a few animals, a small pond and lots of wooden play structures for the kids to play on. I had the opportunity to sit and connect with my friends and really listen and share what’s important to us right now. It was very special for me. When we’re out with our kids, it’s often hard to carry on a conversation for more than a few moments without being interrupted.

Our kids playing

Our kids playing

We also spent almost three hours in nature together, it was a lovely sunny summer day, not too hot, a few clouds in the sky and simply a stunning day to be alive. When I got home from our time together, I feel immense gratitude for having spent the morning with my friends. Such a simple outing that was really perfect in every way.

Gratitude Tip: It is by finding gratitude in the simple things that we live a life of gratitude. Connecting with other people and being in nature are simple, inexpensive ways to experience gratitude and joy. 


How do you find gratitude in the simple things on a daily basis? What are some of the ways that you connect with the people you care about and nourish your relationships?

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