In an effort to reduce the number of new emails in my inbox on a daily basis, I have changing my settings and unsubscribing daily from many lists, newsletters, updates and of course, Facebook notifications. Over the next few posts, I’ll share tips on reducing the number of emails that end up in your inbox. Having a clear, empty inbox helps you to be more creative, feel lighter and have more energy to tackle other important (but not necessarily urgent) tasks.  Please note that I do really enjoy FB and use it for keeping in touch and for business too, but I am not interested in 50-100 notifications per day.

My focus for this post – notifications from Facebook on a laptop or desktop computer.  To make these changes, you’ll have to be logged into FB on a computer (not a tablet or your phone, we’ll look at that next time). Note – Facebook AUTOMATICALLY assumes you want notifications for EVERY group, page and event, so you have to manually opt-out.

  • On your home page, there is a little down arrow on the right hand side of the screen. Click it, and a drop down menu appears.
  • Choose account settingsThen select Notifications.
  • This will appear. Everywhere you see an envelope, click on Edit. Uncheck the boxes to cancel notifications. There are no envelopes on mine, since I removed ALL email notifications.  You can choose to do the same.  
  • Make sure you save your new settings.
  • Next, check your Facebook Groups. Go back to your home screen and take a look at the Groups listed on the left hand side of your screen. You’ll have to go into each Group individually to change the settings.  Once in the Group – click on Notifications.Mine has been set to Off. I suggest you do the same. If you click on the Email Settings, it will bring you back to the Notifications page above.
  • If you are an admin for a Page, you can also remove your email notifications, again on the Notification page – click on Pages.
  • When someone adds you to an Event, you AUTOMATICALLY get notifications, whether you’ve responded to the event or not.  This is why it is important to be cautious about inviting your entire address book to every event – if they don’t know how to turn off the notifications, they may be seriously annoyed if they are constantly getting updates.
  • To change your notifications for an Event, return to your home page and click on Events, on the left hand side of your screen. It will show you the events you have Invites for. As you can see, I have 3 events that I have been invited to.  You can immediately decline, right on this page, and you’ll stop getting notifications. That’s what I did for the event listed below (Not Going).  If you click on Invites, all of the events will be summarized and you can choose Going, Maybe or Not Going.  If you choose Going and would like to stop notifications, go directly into the event page to do this.
  • To turn off notifications for an event your are Going to, click on the widget on the right hand side of the screen and choose Turn Notifications Off.
  • One last thing – when you comment on someone’s post, you will be “following” the post. If you’d like to see what everyone else has to say about your friend’s new arrival, that’s great! If not, IMMEDIATELY click on unfollow post, so that you aren’t notified every time someone comments.This will already reduce the amount of email that comes into your inbox.  Don’t worry – you will still see ALL of these notifications on Facebook itself when you log on to your computer. The highlighted numbers beside your messages, events, groups and pages indicates the number of new things on the page. And there is the notification icon (the globe symbol) at the top of your home screen with all of your notifications too.

Please comment below if you’ve got any questions! Stay tuned for more ways to reduce inbox havoc!

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