Tomorrow is the big day! I’ll be taking the lead and starting the 30 Day Whole Body Detox a few days ahead of our first group. There is definitely some prep to do before you start the program, which is why our start date is usually a Monday. We’ve got the first group starting Mon April 7th, and a second and third group starting on the 14th and 21st respectively. If you’re ready to get started, please email me directly at info (at) or get in touch with the person who sent you to this article.

A few items for the detox

A few items for the detox

Here are a few simple steps to prepare:

1. Order a copy of the guidebook (printed or eBook) and READ it.

2. Download all of the FREE downloads that go with the book, including a grocery list, weekly prep, weekly menu plan and pre and post detox checklist.

3. Complete the pre-detox checklist. I did mine this morning and have set my three big goals for the next 4 weeks:

    • Replace chocolate with healthier snack options.
    • Get moving! Work up to walking 30 minutes, 3 times a week (I have been injured since January and haven’t done a thing!).
    • Focus on my evening routine and proper self-care weekly (including a solo date to the Scandinave Spa).

4. Clean out your cupboards! Remove tempting foods and vices such as alcohol (or make it less accessible). The real key to willpower is not having it in the house. You’ll need extra support from your family on this one. You may end up taking a few people along (unwillingly) on your journey.

5. Take a look at the suggested menu. If you like it, you can follow it exactly. There is a second, blank page so that you can also create your own menu as well. I chose this option as I’m not quite ready to make juice (I don’t have a juicer but will try with my Vitamix) and I needed to make a few adjustments since I’m starting in the middle of the week.

6. Using the recipe book, fill out the grocery list with the items you’ll be needed for the first 3-4 days of the week maximum. This program requires a lot of fresh veggies and fruit so you’ll likely be making a few trips to the store during the week.

7. Note that if you aren’t really used to eating in this way, your first trip will likely be a bit more expensive as you’ll have to buy some of the pantry items. The good news is that many of these will last the full 30 days and beyond (such as a bag of chia seeds or hemp hearts). This allow you to continue to cook your favorite recipes once the program is done.

8. Take a photo of the new and interesting foods you’ve purchase for the first time and share with us on our Facebook page.

9. After your visit to the grocery store, plan some time to do your weekly prep, using the weekly prep sheet. This includes cutting up vegetables, making some brown rice and quinoa, cooking chicken breasts and hard boiling eggs for example. You can also prep a few items such as the No Bake Protein bars or the Clean Detox Fudge.

10. Share your intentions with your family and friends and ask them for their support. Your first few days or even first week may be difficult, not only physically but emotionally as well. It’s all worth it, I promise you, but it’s best to have the support from your family as you’re detoxing.

I am actually quite excited to be starting tomorrow. I look forward to posting every day and going through this journey with you!JulieB


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