Make Your Car A University on Wheels

julie boyer, daily gratitude project, car seat, audio booksAs I got into the car yesterday morning, I noticed that I had half a dozen different CDs and audio books on the front seat beside me. Lately I’ve been listening to and reading a lot of John C. Maxwell’s work. This is a habit I created almost a decade ago and it’s one that has served me very well. My daughter (she’s 5) got into the car the other day and asked me to keep the CD going as she liked the man’s voice (Can you blame her? It’s John Maxwell!). Never too early to start!!

Gratitude Tip: We all have to spend time in our cars. There are many things we could be listening to that either enrich our days or not. When you are driving alone, choose an audio book or audio training program. When driving with kids, you can also find audio books that are age appropriate. Or listen with one earbud to something you have on your phone. Many of us dread having to get into our cars to commute daily. Turn that around by having something to listen to that will enrich your life! 

Most libraries will have a collection of audio books you can borrow for free. There are a few programs that I have purchased over the years, but I find that the library has a lot to offer. Some of my favorites to listen to include Jim Rohn, Dr. Wayne Dyer, John C. Maxwell, Darren Hardy, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and Artemis Limpert. I recently renewed my subscription to Success Magazine and one of the most wonderful things about this publication is that every month there is an audio CD with 2-3 interviews by Darren Hardy. In the last two months I have listened to Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec (LOVED THIS ONE!!!), Marie Forleo and John C. Maxwell.

You are a product of what you feed your mind. I talked about this often on my blog. Being intentional about what you listen to in the car will make a difference. Imagine if you commute an hour a day, that’s 5 hours a week of personal development. Multiply that over year and it’s 250 hours!! Would you be a different person after 250 hours of personal development? I imagine yes! I look forward to getting into the car alone to listen to what’s in the CD player. At the end of this post, I’ll share a list of some of my favorite audio programs and audio books.

Christmas and the holidays are just around the corner. I’ll be ordering copies of my book 30 Days of Gratitude from my publisher. If you’re local to Burlington and would like to order a few signed copies to give a gifts, please email me directly, by Mon Dec 1st. Pricing is TBD due to the US exchange rate.

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