This past weekend we were away in Collingwood, and as promised, I unplugged. Sort of. For the most part anyhow. Turns out it was harder to be unplugged than I had expected. I had my phone and Playbook with me (no laptop) and there was no WiFi connection, with spotty phone service at best. The question is, how did we do, as this was a challenge for all 4 adults that were on this trip with us.

Friday was the biggest challenge for me, since I had to take care of a few last minute business details (our business week closes every Friday so it’s important to take care of things by then). I spent about an hour taking care of business. The rest of the weekend was much easier, I had my out of office set on my email, so even though I checked my phone once or twice a day, I didn’t have to answer, since everyone would get the out of office reply.  And I stayed off Facebook – the whole 4 days. That was actually nice. I do really enjoy Facebook and I enjoy connecting on it, but I found out that I can easily do without it.

My hubby was the most unplugged, but then again without his computer, there isn’t much for him to plug into.  He’s great at leaving work at work and not worrying about it when he’s not there. He is definitely plugged in at home though, being a WOW gamer, it’s an important part of his down time.  Our friends did pretty well too, one being a real estate agent – I was impressed that he was able to unplug a fair bit, because their profession often demands working on weekends.

What did I learn from this mini experiment? First, that setting an out of office on my email is a great way to have a break from answering emails and to feel like I’m more in control of my email, because I can choose to answer when I’m ready.  So don’t be surprised if every once in a while you get an out of office response from me, even if I’m in town. Second, that I can live without Facebook and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Facebook has definitely been a good thing in my life, but a forced break is nice. And finally, that a weekend without my laptop and wifi is truly a break.

Did you unplug for the day? Why not try the out of office trick for the weekend? Or turn your phone off on Saturday and Sunday? Who knows, you might not even miss it.


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