wayne dyerWow! Thank you for your amazing response to my post yesterday about my own personal struggle with my weight. I am truly humbled by all of your positive responses and by the amount of people who actually read the post. There were a few things that happened last week that lead me to sharing my story, and being authentic in a deeper way was definitely my intention for the post. I am truly thankful for the wonderful community of grateful people who read and share these blog posts.

Gratitude Tip: Your attitude of gratitude is making a difference in the world. The gratitude movement has grown tremendously over the past few years and we are seeing a shift in people’s attitudes. The only way to make a difference on a global scale is to start with our own attitudes and mindset. Once we have changed, we can influence others around us.

I have started reading Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer again, only this time I’ve been taking notes. I created a new morning habit of reading and note taking with the Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren, which is a 40 day study program. Once that ended (perfect timing with the end of my Ruby accomplishment), I felt the need to continue with a morning study. I’ve read the Dyer book several times, in fact it’s what read every morning while writing my book, 30 Days of Gratitude but I’ve never really studied it. Do you have a study habit or reading habit in the morning? Have you made the decision to wake up a bit earlier in the day so that you can add this? It’s a morning habit that can have a very positive influence in your life, and I highly recommend it.

Once quote from today’s reading really caught my attention, so I’d like to share it with you:

There is no way to happiness; rather happiness is the way.

Simply yet so powerful. How much of our lives is spent trying to do things or buy things that will make us happy? When it’s really the other way around – be happy first and the rest will fall into place. We live in an energetic world and what we put out is what we get back. It’s more than just karma, it’s that like attracts like. So if you are someone who has decided to be happy, grateful and loving, you will attract more people who are the same. If you are angry, frustrated or jealous, that’s also what you will attract. The people who show up in your life are a reflection of who you are. So take a closer look at who you are attracting and you’ll quickly learn whether or not you are a happy person.

It almost feels like spring here in Southern Ontario, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. A perfect day to start being happy because the elements are on our side! Yes, it can be more challenging when the elements aren’t cooperating, so start today while it’s a bit easier. And if you need a bit of motivation, take a listen to this song before you start your day.

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