This seems like such a simple thing to do, to wake with up gratitude and give thanks for another day. Yet it’s so easy not to do. Imagine how different our world would be if everyone woke up with gratitude instead of frustration, dissatisfaction, complacency or any other negative emotion.  The first few minutes of every day are what set you up for success and set the tone for the day. What are you choosing as your first thoughts?

So how do we create the habit of waking up with gratitude? There are several ways to do it, and here are my suggestions. Choose the one that works for you!

  1. Take a sticky note and post it beside your bed. Write ‘wake up with gratitude’ on the note or some other phrase that reminds you to be thankful first thing.
  2. Change the name of your alarm (if you’re using your phone) to Wake Up With Gratitude. That way, you are reminded as soon as you look at your phone to give thanks.
  3. Before getting out of bed (before answering the call of nature if possible, if not get right back into bed after), lay still for a minute and give thanks for all of the automatic processes that are keeping you alive. Your heart beating, your blood circulating, your lungs expanding, even give thanks for your body’s elimination processes.
  4. Write 3 morning blessings in your journal. Anything at all! I write three short notes, as I choose to write longer gratitudes in my journal before bed.
  5. Say a prayer of thanks. I spend several moments on my knees every morning, thanking God.

It’s not important which one you choose, they will all make a difference in how you start your day. And when you want to manifest your best day ever, starting with a foundation of gratitude makes it so much easier to attract the people and circumstances into your life that will make it all work out for the best. Trust me on this one. Every day I am surprised by someone or something completely unexpected. Yesterday I was THRILLED because my group order of Beautiful Money by Leanne Jacobs arrived just in time for the event I attended last night, where I was giving out copies to those who had orders – it had been scheduled to arrive on Jan 16th.

What will you do, starting tomorrow, to wake up with gratitude?


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Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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