Walking, It’s Easy to Take For Granted

julie boyer, live daily gratitude, gratitude projectAs a former Ironman triathlete, I never thought I would be someone who would have trouble walking and running. Over the past few years I have been through a few injuries and a toe infection that makes it a true privilege to be able to walk without pain. And yesterday, for the first time in a few long time, I walked for the day (we visited the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto) and I am not in pain this morning!

When I see my friends posting about their runs or hikes, I am totally inspired and feel gratitude for them, as they are able to do these things. Is it painful or difficult for some? I’m sure that it is. I gain strength from seeing all of the MapMyRun posts on Facebook, knowing that every person likely had to overcome something to go for that run.

It is so easy to take walking for granted, and if you get my daily gratitude emails, you’ll notice that there is usually one post per month about being grateful to walk or run. It is absolutely something that I took for granted during my Ironman years. Which is a bit ironic because after a career as a young gymnast, I wasn’t able to run for over 10 years due to a knee injury. Yet with the right physiotherapist and a bit of serious determination, I went from not being able to run to catch the bus in 1999 to my first full Ironman triathlon in 2003. Will I ever get back to Ironman? That is unsure. Do I want to do another one? Yes. I have a vision of completing Ironman New Zealand. The good news is that dreams and visions do change and perhaps my trip to New Zealand will not involve an Ironman, but at the very least some glacier hiking.

Gratitude Tip: Walking is never to be taken for granted. Every time you get up in the morning and walk out of bed is reason enough to give thanks. 


Thank you to all of you who inspire me every day with your physical activity and outdoor adventures. I feel as though I will soon be adding my own adventures to the social media feed again soon.


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