Want To Get Out of Debt-Change Your ThinkingMany of you reading this blog post are in serious debt. And perhaps it’s not the first time. You’re probably wondering why this keeps happening to you. The root of the problem is that in order for us to get out of debt for good, we’ve got to change the way that we think, starting with gratitude.

Gratitude Tip: First, it’s essential that we are grateful for all of the money that is coming into our lives, even though it may seem like there’s never enough. A shift from there’s never enough to there is MORE than enough is a start. And focusing on what you are grateful for, even when you are drowning in debt, will help shift your energy to a more positive vibration.

Here’s what I’ve seen happen, not only in my own life, but for many of my clients. You create some debt. You get a consolidation loan and swear to never get into the same situation again. You pay off the loan, while at the same time creating credit card or line of credit debt. A few years later, you’re in the same position, asking for a consolidation loan or a refinance on your home to ‘wipe the slate clean’. But because your thinking hasn’t changed, 3 to 5 years later, you’ve wound up in the same position. In order to break the cycle, we’ve got to change how we think.

The strategies I am sharing are nothing new, however I now realize that if we don’t implement them, our debt/consolidation/debt cycle will never end.

1.Affirmations of abundance. We have to rewrite the programs that are going through our minds and replace thoughts of lack (I can’t afford it, we don’t have the money, I’m so broke) with thoughts of abundance: I have more than enough money, money flows to me easily and effortlessly, my income is constantly increasing. Creating new pathways can take a long time, so you’ll want to invest in this practice for at least a year.

2.Taking a detailed look at our spending, especially cash transactions. One of the strategies I used when we were in serious debt, was I carried around a little notebook to help me keep track of everything I was spending, especially cash. Every little trip to the Dollar Store, stopping in at the grocery store on the way home, cup of tea with a friend or client, I wrote it all down. Now there are apps that will track your spending for you. However I do believe that much like keeping a food journal changes how we eat, keeping a spending journal changes how we spend.

3. Showing gratitude for all sources of income. Another strategy I used was that I kept a spreadsheet to track every single dollar or gift that came into my life. If I found money on the ground, I would track it. Unexpected cheque in mail? Track it. Refund on a product? Track it. Won a door prize? I recorded the approximate value. This helped me to see how much abundance was already flowing into my life that I hadn’t noticed.

4. Reading more books about creating wealth (as opposed to getting out of debt). The real secret to getting out of debt? Create wealth! It’s that simple. The truth is that most families will never get out of debt because our current revenue model is broken. Most two income families are barely making ends meet, even with a 6 figure income. Our cost of living has increased exponentially however salaries for most employees have not. In order for the cycle to truly be broken, we’ve got to learn how to create wealth. Some of my favorite books include: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki; Money, A Love Story by Kate Northrup Watts; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. No need to buy these books, you can probably just get them from your local library.

5. Give yourself time. Much like when someone is releasing weight, we let them know that an average of 1-2 lb a week is reasonable, which means anywhere from 50 – 100 lb in a year would be a great goal – it’s the same with getting out of debt. It took time to create debt, it will take some time to get out. And the fastest way to get out of debt? Not through a consolidation loan or things of that nature, but by creating wealth. And if that’s something you’d like to explore with me, I invite you to complete the mentorship form on my site and we’ll connect about some options to do this.

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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