julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneur, daily gratitude projectWater water everywhere. We are surrounded by water and yet so little of it is drinkable water. Water is the key to life. We can survive for weeks without food but only a few days without water. Our cells need water to function and all of our bodily fluids need water as well as our bodily functions. In Canada, we have the most freshwater lakes in the world. Are we taking our access to drinkable water for granted?

Gratitude Tip: Make today all about water. Every time you turn on a tap, say thank you. When you drink a glass of water, give thanks. Spend a few moments of gratitude when you’re in the shower. Say a prayer when you flush drinkable water down the toilet. Millions and millions of people around the world will never drink from a tap or even flush a toilet. Be grateful today for the life giving water that surrounds you and is accessible 24 hours a day.

Walk around your home or office and count all of the sources of drinkable water. I counted 7 8 in our home (yes, including the toilets!). Think about all of the things you eat and drink that require water (besides water itself): a morning smoothie, cup of coffee or tea, sparkling water or soda, rice, pasta, boiling or steaming any vegetables, sauces, soups – the list goes on and on. Spend today being hyper aware of all of the places you are using water and have access to water.

Imagine for a moment that you didn’t have access to clean, drinkable water. According to Water.org, women & children spend 125 million hours a DAY collecting water! How different would your life be in you spent hours a day simply collecting water? Gratitude for water is not only about access, it’s also about the fact that since we don’t have to worry about where our water comes from, we are freed to do what we choose. The gift of clean drinking water is that we have choices. Here in North America, we have an incredible opportunity to make the BEST of our lives – no excuses. So much is given to us and often we take so much for granted.

Today is Day 7 of the #40daysofgratitude challenge. I have been watching you post on Facebook and it’s really beautiful what people are sharing. You can join us at any time by simply posting a photo on Instagram or Facebook and using the #40daysofgratitude.


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