Will You Let Doubts Keep You From Your Goals-It may seem like I never have doubts or insecurity about things because of what I write about. Just like everyone else, doubts creep into my mind and try to talk me out of my goals and dreams. What we do when these thoughts enter our minds is what is MOST important. Are we able to move past them and keep going? Or do we get stuck in a place of doubt, lack or indecision?

Gratitude Tip: One great strategy to overcome doubt or negative influences is to stop and give thanks. Literally get down on our knees and thank God for anything and everything. This strategy immediately quiets the thoughts and reconnects us with Spirit. I will say a few things out loud, thank you God for my bed to sleep in, a roof over my head, my amazing husband, my beautiful daughter, our amazing tribe. Whatever comes up, I simply say it out loud. In a few minutes, the doubts have evaporated!


When you are committed to a goal at the cellular level, meaning that you ‘feel’ it in your cells, that is the first step in manifestation. Yet this doesn’t mean that doubts won’t arise. The second step is knowing how to deal with the doubts and move past them to take action towards your goals. This is another great strategy for moving past our doubts. This can be done two ways: specific action towards your goal OR simply moving, dancing, singing or shouting, anything that changes your state. I learned that one from Tony Robbins. It works!!

You are not alone to have doubts. We all do. It’s a part of being human. It’s up to you whether you are paralyzed by them or whether they are fuel for your success. You decide!

As I mentioned at the beginning of the week, my tribe and I had committed to making it our best week ever! And we did! Now it’s time to create another BEST WEEK EVER as we move one week further into our 90 Days of Massive Action. I am so proud of our tribe and what we created in 5 days. We have incredible momentum right now and it’s a lot of fun!!! Want to join us?

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