My first summit in Switzerland, 2004

My first summit in Switzerland, 2004

We all crave support from others. Being supportive is such an important quality to share with others. Why is that sometime it’s hard to find the support we need? And why do we sometimes find that the people closest to us may not be very supportive?

Gratitude Tip: First, take a look at your actions. How supportive are you of others in your life? Are you there when they ask for help, or even better are you volunteering to be of service? When someone has a new idea or shares their dreams with you, are you listening with an open mind and grateful heart? Next, are you reaching out and asking for support? Or are you simply assuming that people will be supportive without being asked? And lastly, when you do have the support you’ve asked for, are you expressing your gratitude openly?


A big part of what I do for a living is around supporting other people. And it’s one of the things that I really love to do. That’s the coaching part of our business – whether it be supporting a client who is looking to achieve a weight loss goal or someone completing the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program, I feel honoured when someone trust me (and USANA’s products) with their health journey. There is a lot of joy in my life from being able to support my clients. The other part of coaching comes from working with a team. It’s so much fun to help other people to achieve success and reach for their dreams. And by teaching them how to be supportive, they in turn can support their own clients and their own team members. It’s a wonderful way to grow an amazing network of support.

Challenges arise when family and friends are not supportive. I’ve been blessed that my family has supported me in my USANA business since the beginning, and what I have seen over the years is that’s not always the case. It is always wonderful to see when a new team members’ parents or siblings are open to at least hearing about what we do and how we do it, whether they buy or join is not important. It can be very difficult for someone when they are launching a new business and to not have the support of those closest to them. Interestingly, one of the reasons that people aren’t always supportive is because what we do is so different from the norm and it makes people uncomfortable – especially when you start talking about living out your dreams and creating financial freedom. This is so foreign to most people that it’s hard to understand how it would be possible and so the first reflex people will sometimes have is actually a protective one – but it comes across as a lack of support. This can be a challenge for many people to overcome and may be the reason why some people choose to leave their business. Those who have a supportive tribe and a great mentor will have the resources to find the strength to continue and be successful in spite of this.

The last part about support is that when you support others, unconditionally, you’ll find that when it’s your turn to ask for support, people will be there for you. I have found that time and time again. Supporting others is never a waste of time, it’s always an investing in a relationship and a friendship. A huge thank you to all of you who have been incredibly supportive over this past month.

Today I challenge you to support someone who is asking for your help, your donation, your kindness, your love or your listening ears. How can you be more supportive to the people in your life?

Speaking of support – it’s day 17 of the #30daywholebodydetox for me and day 11 for the group that started on the 4th of April!! Someone asked me yesterday if it was going by slowly or quickly and the answer is – super quickly! Being past the halfway mark feels really amazing and my cells are feeling so nourished. Haven’t started yours yet? No worries, we have groups starting on Monday April 18th and 25th – and yes, you will be very well supported. Ready to ORDER NOW?

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