The Key to Success-Get Going!Thinking about the #4 key to success shared by Sandra Yancey, Get Going!, I was inspired to look up and share with you my very first blog. I remember making the decision to start it, even though I had never used WordPress before and didn’t know anything about blogging. I did it anyhow, and figured it out along the way.

Gratitude Tip: Humble beginnings are just that, humble. There is no fanfare or orchestra when you decide to start a new project, business, blog or something totally new. It’s only when we look back that we are able to see gratitude in our decision to take action. The only way to get where you want to go in the next 2-3 years it to take action today. 

Just for fun, here is my very first blog post, posted on Dec 22, 2009.

The first decade of the millennium is coming to a close. Our landscape has completely changed – do you even remember what you were doing 10 years ago? We weren’t on Twitter, Facebook or Blogger yet. iPods were still a year away and the BlackBerry as we know it was still 2 years away.  We used to pick up the phone and call each other, texting wasn’t even a part of our vocabulary!  I was a less than a month away from turning 24, and starting the new millennium with a new job, new boyfriend and a whole pile of expectations about what the next ten years would be like.

This blog is a place for me to share some of the amazing things that have happened over the past 10 years, some of the even more amazing things that are going on right now and more definitely, to discover what the next 10 years have in store. From books I’m reading, to articles I’ve enjoyed, to mistakes I’ve made and successes I’ve had, I invite you along on the journey.  I first started blogging before blogs even existed and some of you might even remember the email updates I used to send when I traveled in 1998 and in 2004-2006.  Yes, this was before Facebook was a household name – yet I still found a way to keep in touch with friends, family and people I met across the globe.  This blog just makes it easier to connect with more people, in a more personal setting.

I invite you to join as a member and follow along, share your ideas, comments and feedback.  Our lives are an amazing journey, and I invite you to be a part of mine.

And here we are almost in June of 2016 – more than 7 years later of regular blogging. I’ve learned a lot, and I still have a lot to learn. One question I often get is how did I become a writer. And the answer is simple – by writing! The easiest way to write a book is by writing a little bit every day. Make a decision to start and then get to it. Many writers will often complete a first draft without going back and reviewing until they have completed their book, it allows them to get into the flow without interruption.

What is it that you are waiting to start? Why are you holding back? If it’s fear that is keeping you from beginning, start by taking the smallest step and focus on simply putting one foot in front of the other. I’m very excited to share that for my Canadian friends, for those who have been on the fence about joining our Holistic Lifestyle Creators tribe, this week the USANA starter kits are once again being offered for free thanks to USANA Canada!! That’s a $40 savings on joining our tribe!! There’s no time like the present. If you’d like an overview of what we do and how we do it, simply complete the mentorship application and I’ll send you the video.

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