Sometimes I think we forget that our bodies are fueled by what we eat and drink. Everything we put into our mouths is what is fueling our cells on a daily basis. I’ve been watching a few reality shows lately that illustrate how many people, both adults and children, are eating mostly fake foods every day. What do I mean by “fake food”? Chips, chocolate, soda pop, anything fried, cookies, cakes, brownies, pizza, burgers, french fries. There is a huge proportion of the developed world that lives on these products EVERY SINGLE day!! There are children who have never even eaten a vegetable. This is absolutely shocking to me.

What I’ve started to realize is that even though I have a few bad food habits (I drink diet pop – and I have a goal to stop during the 30 Days to Optimal Health) is that we eat a very healthy diet.  I realize that growing up with a mom who is a dietician and a dad who is a French cook, I was blessed with fresh, healthy meals on the table while I was growing up. And now that I have a daughter, it’s even more important for me to show her how to eat in a healthy, balanced way. When I see the children who are eating all of the junk on these shows, I wonder where are the parents? Why are they eating such junk? And you’ll never convince me that it’s cheaper to buy chips and chocolate bars and Oscar Meyer Lunchables than fresh fruits, veggies and making a sandwich. Or buy frozen veggies and make a stir fry! Put frozen fruit in a smoothie or yogurt.

The bottom line is this: Our bodies are fueled by what we eat and drink, including water of course. Your brain needs the right combination of healthy fats to work properly and it needs to be hydrated. Children concentrate better when they’ve had a healthy nutritious lunch, rather than junk. Your muscles need good, lean protein to grow. And your body needs a combination of healthy, low glycemic foods in order to release fat and help to lower your risk of insulin resistance.

I challenge you to take a closer look at what you are putting into your body over the next few days. Pay attention to everything you eat and drink and ask yourself this: Am I fueling my body with this? If the answer is no, then perhaps the rest of it should go in the garbage.  I guess that means I’ll be quitting soda pop a few days early!!  Check in below and let me know what your biggest bad food habit is. 

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