Have you watched Fed Up, It’s Time To Get Real About Food? Released in 2014, I saw it when it first came out however it’s now on Netflix in Canada so I watched it again last night. It’s a well put together documentary about the devastating effects of sugar on American waistlines and the massive increase in degenerative diseases, especially in children. In the two years since it was released, we are still fed up about sugar, however there are incremental changes being made along the way. Hopefully, we are headed in the right direction towards a dietary and lifestyle change in North America and the rest of the world, as the obesity crisis is now affecting more people than those who are malnourished. As you’ll see below, with every step forward however, there are two steps back.

Gratitude Tip: It is time to get real about food. What you put in your mouth matters – far more than how much you are exercising. It is impossible to out exercise a poor diet. And it’s also just as important to supplement a whole food diet in order to be in optimal health. When you start to realize how food makes you feel, it’s easier to make better choices instead of feeling like cr*p all of the time and having no energy. By nourishing our cells with real food and proper supplements, we are showing love and gratitude for our bodies, the amazing machines that keep us alive and moving every single day.

In Canada, there are new proposed labeling guidelines that will show how much of the DV (daily value) of sugar you are getting from a packaged food. And they are recommending to group all of the different types of sugar together so that you can truly see that many packaged foods are simply full of sugar. The biggest challenge right now is that big business is directly opposed to what the World Health Organization (WHO) is recommending – here are the WHO recommendations on sugar (2015) :

A new WHO guideline recommends adults and children reduce their daily intake of free sugars to less than 10% of their total energy intake. A further reduction to below 5% or roughly 25 grams (6 teaspoons) per day would provide additional health benefits. (source)

Please note – naturally occurring sugar from fruits and vegetables does not count towards this total – this is for ALL types of added sugar.

This is the problem – when I Google WHO Sugar Guidelines 2016, the 3rd item heading is Canadian Dietary Guidelines About Sugar – and when I click – it leads me to the Canadian Sugar Institute (sugar.ca) and not actually 3rd party guidelines. Here is an excerpt:

The conclusion of the report was that, “based on the data available on dental caries, behaviour, cancer, risk of obesity and risk of hyperlipidemia, there is insufficient evidence to set a UL for total or added sugars.” Although no UL was set for added or total sugars, “a maximal intake level of 25 percent or less of energy from added sugars” was suggested for adults and children “based on the decreased intake of some micronutrients of American subpopulations exceeding this level.” However, this level of intake far exceeds current average intakes, which are estimated to be 15.8 percent of total energy intake (calories) in the U.S. and 10-13% of energy intake in Canada.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Insufficient evidence?? And the part that makes me sick to my stomach is the last line – Canadians currently intake 10-13% sugar (which is close to what the WHO recommends) but they can ‘safely’ go up to 25% of their total daily intake of calories. That’s disgusting!!! I know that I don’t usually use language like this or show frustration in my blog posts but this is something that is completely maddening and illogical. The solution to our obesity crisis is right in front of us, yet the sugar industry is distributing bold faced lies about the toxic effects of sugar. One last excerpt from this page:

The current version of Canada’s Food Guide encourages Canadians to limit foods and beverages high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt. However, it is important to note that “limiting” these foods does not equate to avoiding them altogether. Many of the foods that fit into the four food groups are made more enjoyable by adding small amounts of sugar. Without sugar, many individuals may not consume healthy foods that contribute to their nutrient needs. For example, without sugar, many breakfast cereals providing essential nutrients, would be inedible.

Breakfast cereal. Providing essential nutrients. Needs added sugar. I. can’t. even.

This past May, USANA Health Sciences released a new macronutrient supplement food line called MySmartFoods. I am just starting to really understand the impact of this new food supplement line and why it’s so far ahead of it’s time. We all know that the reason why sugar was added to our packaged foods is because fat was demonized and take out of everything. Without fat, there is no flavour, so sugar must be added. Turns out, taking away our healthy fats is what made us all fat because of how our bodies react to sugar and high-glycemic foods (see breakfast cereal). The new MySmartFoods line includes healthy, necessary fat from sustainable harvested coconut oil. Every 28 g serving of the new MySmartShake bases include:

  • 18 g high quality protein from either Plant (potato & pea), non-GMO Soy or New Zealand Whey
  • 8 g of fiber from up to 5 different sources, both soluble and insoluble.
  • 6 g fat from coconut oil
  • 4 g net carbohydates
  • Only 13 ingredients
  • ZERO added sugar

The more reading and research I have been doing lately (outside of USANA), the more I see how truly brilliant and revolutionary these products are. I have been using them as a macro nutrient supplement for my breakfast and occasionally lunch or dinner by blending them into a smoothie. The powders can also be using in cooking and baking. This is an incredible opportunity for optimal nutrition from a macro nutrient perspective, alongside the full USANA micro nutrient line as well, including the adult daily supplement The Essentials.

wealthylicious buringtonI am proud to be a part of the change and I love helping my clients and team members to learn more about health, nutrition and disease prevention. I will be speaking next Tuesday July 26th as a part of the Wealthylicious Burlington event on why Health is Your Greatest Wealth. Tickets are free of charge, we just ask that you register ahead of time as this event always sell out. If you would like to sample some of the new line, please send me a message and I’ll send you some to try. You can also order directly from my website, www.supplementsburlington.usana.com.

Will you join me in the revolution against excessive added sugar? Together we can be a part of the revolution and change thousands of lives across the globe!

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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