A great choice to swim with friends!

A great choice to swim with friends!

Are you choosing wisely?

Every day is a product of the choices we make, some of these choices are made in the moment and some are made days or weeks or even months in advance. And at the end of the day, when we look back and reflect on the choices made; we can decide if we’re proud or regretful. One of the reasons I started my gratitude project is to stay accountable to my core values, and to make choices every day that are aligned with these. I truly believe that writing out your core values can be an amazing guide when it comes to making choices.

The reality behind this challenge is that I committed to writing a blog post daily. Doesn’t seem like much but ten days in, I’m finding it to be a challenge. Am I creative enough to provide value for you every day? Or at least most days? I guess we’ll find out! What I love about starting something new is the opportunity to create a new habit.

Gratitude tip: A habit is simply making the same choices day in, day out. Good or bad choice, it’s up to you.

One of my newest daily choices is completing affirmations in front of the mirror. I started this habit in Feb when a good friend and business associate mentioned it during a training. I began that night and with only a few exceptions, it has now become a habit for me, and for my four year old daughter. I love doing them for me, and I love seeing her speak words of love to her young self too. It’s actually very empowering, for both of us.

Have you ever done affirmations? Share your experiences with us.

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