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sept 11Sept 11, 2001

We all have a vivid memory of where we were that fateful morning 14 years ago. I was a work at Dupont, on a conference call and some said that one of the twin towers was hit by an airplane. Of course, we all thought it was an accident at first. We ended our call in shock and when I tried to log into CNN, the page wouldn’t load. Most people had stopped working and were wondering what was happening. I remember at one point there was live news coverage in one of the boardrooms that we could watch and see what was going on. My (then) husband and I met for our lunch time run and it was so very quiet. Not a plane in the sky on a bright blue day. Over the next week or so, we were glued to the news to find out what had happened. Tears were shed. Lives were lost. And we were never the same again.

Gratitude Tip: It is not that we will escape times of heartache, pain and sadness but how we choose to grow and move forward from these times that shape our lives. Building a life on a foundation of gratitude allows for a different perspective when tragedy strikes.


Back then, I did not have a strong gratitude practice. I immersed myself in news coverage, which I’m sure affected me on a very deep level. I am still curious about what really happened that day but over the past few years, I have let it go and stopped reading about the different theories. We cannot change the past. I do believe it’s important to remember, because for most of us here in Canada, we will never experience war or terrorism first hand. We are very blessed to live in a country a peace. And we are grateful for our soldiers who aim to keep it this way.

Live is short. Live each day to it’s fullest. And hug your peeps a little bit tighter today.

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