Nothing like a New Year’s resolution to lose weight!  How many people had that resolution this year? This is not something I have usually added to my list, but you may have noticed that I included reaching my ideal weight of 135 lb in my 2010 goals.  My story is simple, from age 18 -30, I was a size 10 and a medium.  That’s it, that was my size.  It didn’t matter how much I exercised (I had already completed 2 Ironman triathlons) my weight pretty much stayed the same. Then in the autumn of 2006, I made some pretty serious dietary changes, learned about healthy low glycemic eating and started to take nutritional supplements. It took me just over a year, but I slowly made my way down to a size 6, small.

When I competed in my third Ironman in 2008, I weighed 134 lb and was close to a size 4.  A little small for my liking and I settled back into being a size 6 a few months after the race.  And I was very happy with my size and shape – I seemed to be staying the same even with a reduced exercise level after the race.

Unfortunately, while training for IM #3, I developed an overuse injury to my right toe joint (metatarsal joint of the big toe) that stubbornly refuses to heal. I kept running for about 6 months after the last race but the pain only got worse, so I finally had to stop running, cycling/spinning and even swimming was painful. I have worked with a chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist, acupuncturist and have even gone the medical route.  The only solution I have now is reduced exercise, pain killers (which I choose not to take) and possibly surgery (not really my idea of a great solution).

So, over the past year and a bit, I have slowly gained weight.  Hardly noticeable really, about 1/2 a lb a month. My exercise has been more and more limited over the past year.  And my eating habits, healthy as they are, still reflect portion sizes for someone who is exercising much more than I am.  Dan and I both committed to making changes to lose weight, and we started last week.  I weighed myself for the first time in months, and found the scale read 140.4 lb – not a huge amount of weight gain, but enough that some of my clothing is snug.  For the sake of not having to buy new clothing, here are the changes I am making:

  • Exercise schedule:
    • Monday and Friday, whittle my middle and 1 legged push-ups. I have been working my way up from 2 sets of 5 push-ups. I am up to 2 sets of 12.
    • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – morning workout (walk, gym, bike trainer or maybe even swimming) plus wmm and push-ups.
    • Saturday hiking or gym with Dan, and wmm & push-ups
    • Sunday volleyball (2 hours)
  • Eating habit changes:
    • smaller portions and more mindful eating (taking my time and chewing more slowly)
    • more variety in my cooking (i.e. stop being lazy in the kitchen) – Anyone know an easy and tasty vegan cookbook?
    • increase water intake – average is now 2 bottles (1.5 L), work my way up to 4 bottles a day
    • reduce diet coke intake – average 1 can/day, reduce to 0
    • reduce alcohol intake – only drink on the weekends, no more than 2 servings at a time

That’s enough for now.  I have already implemented quite a few of these which will make it easier. My goals are simple and doable within the next 6-12 weeks.  I want to give myself the time to make the changes happen without stressing about it.  Creating new habits is the key!

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