Welcome 2016!

2016 new yearLast night we celebrated the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. I actually made it midnight! We had a very calm night in, just the three of us by the fire. Our daughter was asleep by 9 pm and hubby and I spent some real quality time talking about what we wanted to create and achieve in 2016. What was the highlight of your evening?

Gratitude Tip: Today is another gift of a day, it has been given to you to make the best of it. What can you do to make the best of it?

Facebook was really fun to scroll through last night and today, as pretty much everyone was posting about New Year’s Eve. It was great to see everyone celebrating! I noticed many of my friends were celebrating at home with family and friends, and a few more adventurous types were out on the town! It’s been a few years since I was out for New Year’s Eve – the last time was a very last minute Gator Ted’s evening with Leanne …. but I’ll leave the details of that story for another time.

I encourage you to spend some time today preparing for the year ahead. You have the opportunity to create anything you like in 2016 – and I mean truly anything!! Are you ready to dream even bigger? I’ve decided that I’m going to up level my business goals for 2016, because why not? What’s the BEST that can happen?

Happy New Year and Bonne Année to all!

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