July 31st came and went. The mid-point of the year. For our family, it was a very special day and one that we will always remember.  My sister Sophie married the love of her life, Nick.  It was a beautiful wedding ceremony at Taboo Resort in Muskoka (Gravenhurst, Ontario).   They were blessed with a gorgeous day, a beautiful setting and a perfect ceremony. It was the nicest the wedding I have ever been too.

After the wedding, our little family headed up to my husband’s family cottage, about 30 min away from Kirkland Lake (really far north in Ontario, near the border with Quebec). It’s a wonderful time of year for us, as we have a real opportunity to truly get away from it all, with many of the comforts of home.  We have to take a boat to get to the cottage and it runs on a 12v solar system and the water is pumped up from the lake. The cottage itself is beautiful, all made by my husband’s step-dad. It is so dark and quiet at night, it is wonderful for sleeping. And during the day, the lake is mostly calm since there are only a few cottages on the lake.

I took this opportunity to relax, swim in the lake – which is something I LOVE to do, read and enjoy lots of time with hubby.  His parents basically took care of our DD the whole time, they can’t get enough of her!! Which is just fine with me – I enjoyed the break too. I also had the chance to review my goals.  As I mentioned, we are halfway through 2011 already. Have you look at your goals or even your New Year’s Resolutions since January? Probably not.  And for me, with so many big changes happening since January of this year, I basically started from scratch.

When I looked back at some of the goals I had write down 3 years ago, I found that once again, many of them are the same.  It’s really interesting how I seem to have gotten off track for a while, but now that I’m back doing what I am truly passionate about (my biz with USANA), it seems like everything makes sense again and I’m enjoy setting goals.  Although, I did accomplish a few major life goals in the past two years – I married my perfect partner in 2009 and had my daughter in 2010 – and I am very happy about that! And I’m certain that what I have been through over these past few years has only helped me prepare for what is to come now.

Here are a few highlights of my mid-year goals:

  • Becoming a USANA Gold Director and creating 2 Silver Directors
  • Maintaining my optimal weight and fitting into my clothing
  • Moving into our first family home before Céline turns two.
  • Earn a spot in USANA’s Growth 25 for 2011-2012
  • Help at least 100 women to start and complete 30 Days to Optimal Health by providing education and support and by being an example
  • To spend 1-2 hours a week writing
  • To complete a triathlon in 2012
  • Purchase a new family sized vehicle

I would love to hear about your mid-year goal, or perhaps it’s just time to check in on your goals from January? Let us know how you’re doing! And a reminder to create your own Gratitude Alphabet this weekend too!!

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