СердцеOne month ago today I was released from the hospital, after almost a 2 weeks stay in the ICU. It was truly a life-changing experience, not only for me, but for my friends and family who lived through it on the other side of it. My own gratitude practice has been deepened by this experience and if you’re receiving my daily gratitude messages you may have already noticed a difference in my writing. What I wanted to share with you today is really personal, but I feel it’s valuable to share with you so that you can deepen your daily gratitude practice as well.

Many milestones have been checked off in the past month, things that I completely and totally took for granted before being ill. Here are just some of the things I am grateful for as I was not able to do them only a month ago. I encourage you to look at the smallest things in your life and see if you can also find gratitude in those moments.

I am truly grateful to:

  • Write with a pen.
  • Express my daily gratitude in my journal – I went two weeks without writing, the longest I have gone without it in over 3 years.
  • Walk.
  • Walk up and down the stairs.
  • Shower standing up – I had to use a stool to sit on for the first week I was home.
  • Use my phone and iPad – strangely, I had to re-learn how to use technology, mostly because my fingers weren’t very nimble.
  • Talk. I know, you’re probably thinking it was ok that I took a break from talking.
  • Drive. We got our new car the day after I was released and I couldn’t drive it for about 10 days.
  • Cook for myself and my family.
  • Have spent Christmas with my husband and daughter.2014-12-25 08.04.48
  • Do chores such as laundry and cleaning.
  • Grocery shop.
  • Walk my daughter to the school bus.
  • Do my own hair.
  • Walk around the block (in minus 20°C weather of course!).
  • Work. I love helping my new and existing clients and supporting my team. I missed that.
  • Read. My first trip to the library was a challenge but I was so happy to get a few new books.
  • Get through a day without feeling exhausted.
  • Go to church. I missed the Midnight Mass, which is my favorite mass of the holiday season, but have now been two Sundays in a row.
  • Run errands, without the help of another adult.

All of these are simple, every day tasks that most healthy adults would take for granted. Never again. Life is so precious, it’s essential to be grateful for every day that we are given and every moment that we have. How will your gratitude practice change in 2015?

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