There’s something I noticed this past month. I think my daughter eats better than my husband and I do. She eats whole foods, lots of fruit, some veggies, good sources of protein and fats – she loves salmon and avocado and drinks only milk and water. We give her very little processed foods (i.e. baby mum-mum) and of course, nothing with added sugar. Sure, she’s only 1 and we can pretty much control what going into her mouth (well, at least where food is concerned), but it’s also great that she loves to eat healthy foods.

For those new parents out there, who are still in close control of what their kids are eating – are they eating better than you are? Or do you all eat the same? Or are their eating habits worse than yours?

I often wonder how many children today have such poor eating habits. Is it because of what their parents are feeding them? Is it the media influence on tv commercials and branding with cartoon characters? Is it the food they are getting at school, perhaps in the cafeteria or in a vending machine? At what age do we “lose” the influence we have over what our children are eating?

The best suggestion I can offer to help battle this issue is to help parents and other caregivers learn about healthy, low glycemic eating for themselves and their families. In my opinion, if the parents have a better understand of what food is healthy and how easy and inexpensive it can be to feed your family with healthy, low glycemic whole foods, then we’ve at least got a chance to teach our children too.

Our next 30 Days to Optimal Health Program is starting on Wed. Sept 21st.  We’ll be starting the following Monday with a great 5-Day RESET Cleanse to help kick the carb cravings, bust the sugar habit and release fat from our mid-sections!

Who is this program for?

  • Moms who are still struggling with extra baby weight or consuming extra calories but no longer breastfeeding
  • Dads who gained baby weight too
  • Runners and walkers who struggle with too many high glycemic carbs in their diet
  • Any parent who wants learn better eating habits so that they can teach their children

How do I sign up?

  • Contact Julie Caroline directly at for a free consultation call, to find out if this program is right for you

We’ve already got several people signed up – would you like to join us?

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