What Are You Focusing On?

The truth is, every day we’re going to run into situations and people that aren’t positive. Even the most positive people will have their challenges. I was reminded of this leadership lesson a few days ago, when it seemed like everything was falling apart (it wasn’t, and the feeling only lasted a short while thankfully).

Gratitude tip: What we focus on expands. The more we complain, stress out, cry or get frustrated about a situation, the worse it gets. The quicker we can shift our focus and shift our mood by being grateful, the faster we get out of the negative energy.


I love it when I am challenged because it gives me the chance to practice what I preach. I have the opportunity to find gratitude in the situation. I am learning every day as you are and there are some lessons that I haven’t quite got yet, so the challenges keep coming back. The good news that the more practice you have on finding gratitude and shifting your focus, the easier it becomes.

My coach talks about focus with a great metaphor: Are you spending your time looking through the tiny rear-view mirror? Or are you looking ahead through the massive windshield? It’s up to you.

What strategies do you use when you’re in a challenging situation? How do you get out of it? Does it take you minutes, hours, days?

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