What Are You Most Grateful For About Mondays?

It’s Monday morning. Many of us are still on holidays and others are in the middle of a quieter morning commute. How are you starting your week? Are you excited and energized for the week ahead? Or counting the days until Friday?

Gratitude Tip: Mondays can be a very stressful day for many people. Turn that around with a few simple changes. Start every day with gratitude for being alive! This makes even a Monday easier to bear. Then create a list of all of the things you are grateful for about your current job or business. And finally, switch from the news to audio books and personal development on your commute. 

How many hours a week are you spending outside of the home creating income? And how many of those hours bring you joy? I’ll be blunt. Life is far too short to be spending 30 – 50 hours a week at a job you don’t enjoy. Same with a business. I’ve experienced both situations and I’ve found my way out of them, so I am confident that you can as well.

Six years ago, I took a leave from my USANA business and joined a different network marketing company. I had to see if the grass was greener on the other side. Turns out it wasn’t and it’s true that the grass is greener where you water it. It took me almost two years to realize I had made a mistake. I was not very successful with the new company, although I did get some of the best training in the industry as we were trained by Eric Worre and Randy Gage. I knew it was time to let go of a business that was no longer serving me, so I did. Not an easy decision and since I believe that networking market is the right business model for me, I wasn’t sure what to do next. Thankfully and gratefully, the door was open for me to return to USANA and in March 2011, I came back. I look back on the experience with gratitude for all that I learned about myself and our profession.

More recently, my husband was in a situation at work that was no longer serving him. He had a good job, it paid well, but the commute was long and the environment around the office wasn’t very positive. He had only been there a year, as the year before he was let go unexpectedly from his previous employer where he had been for five years. This time, instead of sticking around with a situation that was looking worse and worse, he took action and applied for several new roles. He ended up with the perfect job for him, less than 3 km (about 2 miles) from home. He did have to take a substantial pay cut, yet it didn’t seem to make a huge difference to our bottom line (my business also grew by the difference, which helped!). Now he really enjoys the environment in which he works, he is learning every day and comes home for lunch.

You have a choice today. Either dread your Monday, or not. If you feel you cannot change your job, then find things to be grateful about it. If you’re not able to leave your business, create a plan for 2016 to do more of what you love in the current business you have. And if you’re really looking to make a change, without having to leave your job or business, there’s always room for you on our tribe. Details can be found here in the mentorship.

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