What Are You Promoting? Love or Fear?

julie boyer, daily gratitude project, gratefulI wrote this is as a post on Instagram yesterday but I’ve been thinking about it all night and I’d like to take a bit more time to talk about this today. Are you thinking before you click, like and share? Every time we post on social media, click on a news site, we are telling the algorithms in the background that we want to see more of the same.

Gratitude Tip: We are all responsible for what is posted and shared on our personal social media feeds. Did you know that when you click on a post, watch a video or share an article that you are also curating your news feed? The most important question to ask yourself is this: Am I adding to the fear-mongering? Or am I adding more love, kindness and gratitude?

I realize that right now it is very difficult to avoid the negative news and it’s SO tempting to continue to click and find out more about the war that is taking place overseas (or at home for those who live overseas). I have a hard time myself! This is so important right now. I mentioned in a previous post about how we have a collective consciousness and that as a human race we have the opportunity to shift the global focus from fear to love.

You’ve probably heard this before, that when you spend money on things you are making a statement without even thinking about it. For example, if you spend a large portion of your dollars on organic food, you are saying that you want to see more organic food. Alternatively, if you purchase a lot of unhealthy snacks and fast food, you’re saying you want more of the same. It’s the same on the internet. The more you click on stories about terrorism, the more stories you’ll see about terrorism. The more you click on stories of heroism, kindness and humanity, the more you’ll see in the same theme.

There is an option on Facebook that can help. When you see a story show up on your feed that you don’t want to read, simply click on the upper right-hand corner of the post and you’ll see options to a) Hide Post or b) Unfollow this person or page. Once you Hide Post, you can also report it if you think it violates community standards. If you unfollow someone, you will still be their ‘friend’ however their posts will no longer show up on your newsfeed (and they won’t know that you did this).

What will you choose today? Remember that you are making a difference!! Every single one of you that choose to share this post instead of something negative. Every time you share a funny cat video and make people laugh. Every time you share a story of real humanity.

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