What Do I Need To Stop Doing?

Many of us will use the time during the holidays to prepare for the upcoming year. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, reviewing the past year and setting goals for 2016 is always of value. I’ll be completing the same worksheets that I’ve assigned to my current coaching group. One thing that I’ve added for this year is the all important question: What do I need to STOP doing?

Gratitude Tip: There are times when the road to success means that we have to stop doing something in order to get there. We all know the value of starting new habits, such as our gratitude habits, choosing healthy food and regular exercise. This year, I encourage you to think about what you need to STOP doing in order to be successful in 2016.

This is an uncomfortable question for many of us and the answers we get are even more uncomfortable. We all know on some level what we need to stop doing and start doing instead. Here are a few examples of how that works:

Stop watching TV – Start reading from a personal development book instead.

Stop feeding sugar cravings – Start choosing healthier options and filling the fridge with veggies & fruit

Stop the negative self-talk – Start daily affirmations in the mirror

Stop taking your partner or spouse for granted – Start recognizing all of the little things he or she does for you every day

This is critical for growth, especially if you are stuck and haven’t been growing in the right direction. Make time for this exercise and you’ll find that your goals will be achieved more easily when you stop doing what isn’t serving you.


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