Life is so very precious. Time is our most valuable resource. What do we really control on a daily basis? How much is our responsibility and how much do we have to let go of? I found out another friend passed away from cancer yesterday. Bill was one of our gratitude ambassadors, whom I met through USANA. He was a very positive person who ended up gone too soon, as so many others I know. May he rest in peace.

Gratitude Tip: What do we really control? Our attitudes, our actions, our thoughts and our behaviours. Every day is a choice to be grateful for what we have or be miserable for what we do not have. It is up to us to design our best lives and to take action, while at the same time, let go and allow the Divine to help us get there. 

What areas of your life are you taking control of? Where are you telling yourself that it’s not important? I have a number of friends who are suffering from different health challenges right now, and I see how each person is choosing to face their journey differently. Some may choose to complain and seek attention, yet when offered help, do nothing about it. Some may choose to keep it to themselves and not seek any help or support from others. And others are being open about their journey, asking for support and finding ways to be grateful in the face of very difficult challenges.

Everyone’s journey is different and we all have different ways of dealing with stress, illness or injury. If you are in a situation right now that seems out of control (especially when it comes to your health), I encourage you to take a look at what you can control:

Your attitude – you see two people going through a battle with cancer, one who is staying as positive as possible in the face of major uncertainty and one who is focused on the worst possible outcomes.

Your behaviours – take a close look at what may have gotten you into the situation you’re currently in. Are you still continuing with these behaviours? Is it time to make a change for the better?

Your thoughts – being grateful can help in any situation. Trust me on this one. Focusing on what we have to be grateful for when things aren’t going well, helps to shift our mood and changes the chemical reactions in our body. When we focus on gratitude, love and joy, different ‘feel good hormones’ are released, which can actually help to speed up healing.

Your breathing – take a few deep breaths right now. It’s a great reminder that you are still alive and that you still have the opportunity to take control and focus on healing and recovery, rather than illness and loss.

What is your strategy when you are faced with a situation that feels out of your control?



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