Did you have a chance to complete your Goal Sheet yet? Are you starting your year off on a positive and optimistic note? I’d have to say that so far there have been a few challenges in 2011, but for the most part, things are starting off relatively well for me and my family.  We all know that it’s important to make our goals public – this helps to keep us accountable and also allows us to have support and encouragement from others in our lives who care about us. This is also why I’ve encouraged you to share some of your goals on this blog, to have the support from myself and the community who follows Motivation For Your Life.

Here are the highlights for 2011 and beyond, including a short explanation of why each goal is important to me:

  1. I am a healthy 140 lb – by July 2011. I am very blessed to have had my daughter Céline in 2010, but it is also important for me to return to a healthy weight and begin to train for triathlons again.
  2. I meditate for 5-10 min, 3 times a week – by Apr 2011. This is a habit that I used to have, before I was pregnant. For some reason, I stopped doing this while I was pregnant, probably because I was focusing on Hypnobabies.
  3. Two career goals for Aug 2011 – I am an Agel Senior Manager and I am earning income through my blog and online presence. First, I have been a Team Member in Agel for two years in April and I am ready to make the changes and do the work to move up in the ranks. Second, I love what I am doing with the blog and would like to find a way to make my online presence another stream of income – I am open to suggestions!
  4. We are financially free with at least $10,000/month of income by Jan 2013.  This is to fund my even bigger dreams!
  5. I spend a week at a yoga retreat in Costa Rica by Oct 2013. I love Costa Rica and I love yoga – nuff said.
  6. We move into our family home by April 2013 at the latest.  This an essential part of growing our family as well, there just isn’t the space here for another child.
  7. I donate at  least 25% of my gross income by Sept 2016.  This goes along with the goal of being financially free and building passive streams of income.
  8. I journal daily by Jan 2013.  Another lost habit, which I think will take time to start up again, especially with a baby to care for.
  9. We spend a season (or longer) living in Switzerland starting no later than the summer of 2016. I love Switzerland and think about my time there every single day.  I miss the mountains, the air, the beauty, the culture, the people, the skiing and hiking … I could go on and on.
  10. I am an Agel Diamond Director by Aug 2016.  It takes time to get to the top and of course I would love to be there earlier but I also want to give my family a chance as well.  Another big dream but also very possible!

That’s it for now – I’ve shared some of my small dreams and some of my huge lifelong dreams with you.  What is the point of life if not to dream big and to live life to its fullest? This year brought to life many dreams for myself and my family and there’s nothing stopping us from doing that again in 2011.

Have a wonderful day everyone and set your sights high! Share your dreams and goals with us in the comments section.

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