What Does it Take to Be Successful-Wouldn’t it be great if I had all of the answers for what is takes to be successful? I don’t, however what I’d like to share are a few of the common traits, habits and qualities I have found in the successful people that surround me.

Gratitude Tip: Gratitude is the foundation for any success in life. That is the theme for this blog, building your business and your life on a foundation of gratitude. And from person experience, I know that this one is a non-negotiable for success. It’s impossible to achieve great success without being in a state of gratitude for a few moments every single day. And the more time we spend in gratitude, the easier it is for success to come our way.

What are some other traits or habits that successful people share?

positive affirmation words1.Faith. Christianity is not a requirement, but faith absolutely is. Faith is having belief in the unseen. And in order to manifest our vision and goals, we have to have faith that it will come into being, even though we have no idea HOW it’s going to happen.

2. Vision. All successful people have a vision that is greater than themselves. They focus on how they can use their gifts to serve in the world and make things better for other human beings (or other life forms).

3. Consistency. This is such an important factor in success, and as Darren Hardy would say, it’s all about the Compound Effect, little actions taken every single day that lead you to success. It’s not usually about any one big moment or landing that one big clients – it’s the consistent daily (income producing) activities that lead to success.

4. Persistence. The ability to keep going in the face of obstacles is what sets successful people apart from those who aren’t. If you find yourself wanting to quit every time someone says no, or when you lose a piece of business or there are shipping delays and back-orders, you’re not ready for success.

5. Solution-Oriented. And instead of focusing on the problems that show up, because they always do, they look for solutions or a plan B, C or D. With a shift in energy, successful people turn a challenge around and often find a creative solution to work around it.

6. Self Confidence. Belief in yourself and your ability to success is fundamental for success. It’s not about being egotistical or self-serving; it’s more about knowing who you are as a person and loving yourself just the way you are, all while working to grow and change.

7. Committed to Personal Growth. Leaders are readers. Successful people are constantly feeding their minds with positive and educational books, audio books, podcasts, videos and other sources of inspiring media. In order to block out the constant barrage of negativity that surrounds us, successful people will make an effort to protect their mind with positive materials.

8. Team Players. Every successful person has a team .Whether it be a team in the background that supports them or whether it’s a team that shares the spotlight, no one has made it to the top without the support of a team. And successful people treat their team with the utmost respect and gratitude for their role in their persona success.

Сердце9. Support. This may not always come from family, and many successful people don’t have the support of their families, but they do have support from others. It could be from friends, business partners or mentors. All successful people have at least one person they can trust to turn to when things are difficult and the same person is their biggest cheerleader when things are going well.

10. Love. Successful people lead with love and kindness first. As the old saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Not that successful people want to catch flies but you get the idea. Leading with a true unconditional love for other human beings is a simple way to create success in your life.

I invite you to do a quick self assessment today and see how many of these habits and qualities you are living today. Pick one to focus on for the next 30 days – just one – and notice how you’ll attract more success into your life more quickly than ever before.


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