What does Prosperity mean to you?

The dictionary definition might mean one thing, but for many people it means a number of different things.  The definition from dictionary.com is as follows: a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, esp. in financial respects; good fortune.

Wikipedia continues this definition with: Prosperity often encompasses wealth but also includes others factors which are independent of wealth to varying degrees, such as happiness and health.

To me, that is what prosperity is really about.

Wealth is certainly a big part of being prosperous, but without happiness and health, I would hesitate to call someone prosperous. I quoted both Randy Gage and Jim Rohn in a previous post, and if you’ve been a student of their work, you’ll know that they both teach us that it’s ok to be rich – and at the same time, be prosperous in every aspect of our lives.  Not only in our bank accounts, but in our relationships, in our service to others, our health and of course having time-freedom (the luxury of time).  The most interesting thing is that it’s easier to be prosperous in more areas of your life, when the money thing is no longer an issue!
What I found so interesting, is that for the first time, I had the experience where many people read the same post and heard the same speech, yet got a completely different message. It showed me how people listen and hear different things depending on their experience and their filters. No two people will ever get the same message!
I have spent the last four years of my life surrounded by many people who have the same type of thinking that I do, around prosperity, success, time-freedom, optimal health. There are also many people in my life who don’t necessary understand my passions for these things or why I spend time working towards such lofty goals. For those of you who do understand and share a similar journey, I thank-you for your understanding and support.  And for those of you who might not understand, know that I may continue to share my thoughts, hopes and dreams with you, but that I also understand that your journey and your path diverges from mine.
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