What Gets You Into a State of Flow?

What gets you into ‘flow’? Flow is a state of being where everything works perfectly well, you feel like time doesn’t pass and you are completely present in what you are doing. This morning, I had a call with a client and I felt completely in ‘flow’.

Gratitude Tip: Take note throughout your day about the moments where you are completely present and time seems to stand still (yet an hour goes by in a blink). Those are your moments of flow. Once you have identified them, see how many of these you can create in a day.


The advantage of being in a state of flow is that everything seems easy and you’re vibrating at a very high level. The disadvantage is that you may not notice how much time has passed and you may forget other things – i.e. that’s why my blog is late this morning. It feels really good to be in a state of flow, answers come easily, you’re able to solve problems easily and your energy is high. It’s a great feeling!

What gets you into a state of flow? I know for my husband and father, who are both programmers, when they get into coding and are uninterrupted, they move into a state of flow and code efficiently and effectively. Share with us the moments that are in ‘flow’ for you.

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