What Happens Now?

julie boyer, gratitude project, heartI have been thinking a lot about what happened in Paris on Friday. I have also been thinking about all of the other tragic and violent losses of lives that happened across the globe last week. As someone who has been avoiding the news for almost a decade, I’ve been feeling a little bombarded this weekend by what my friends are sharing on Facebook. Yet it begs the question – what happens now? We cannot go back so how do we move forward?

Gratitude Tip: I believe that the best thing we can do is to continue our own daily gratitude practices and that now, more than ever, we have to share the messages with more and more people, on a global scale. 

Our thoughts truly do become things. And as we are a collective of 7 billion plus minds on this planet, if the majority are thinking of the worst case scenarios (war, violence, fear), that’s what will manifest. If the majority is focused on love, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness, we will go the other way to Peace. It is definitely easier to fall into the trap of believing that the worst may happen. It takes strength to focus on the positive emotions in the face of so many negative things.

We are forever changed with what happened in Paris. An attack on civilians in the Western world is not something that we are used to and it fuels our hatred and need for retaliation. 9/11 started a war in the Middle East that has yet to end. What now?

I don’t have the answers. And I’m not sure I want to continue to go down the road of learning more and more about all of the different sides involved in the conflict. As I pondered all of this last night, I realized that the best way to serve the victims and their families (across the globe) is to continue to share my message of gratitude, to meditate daily and to focus on love and healing. I cannot control what others are thinking about, only my own thoughts and feelings.

How will you move forward now? How has your world view changed? What happens now for you?

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