What Happens When We Forget Self-Care?

Feb 6, 2018 | Healthy Lifestyle | 1 comment

I could feel my emotions rising to the surface, and I started to think about how I could physically run away from the situation. I knew that I couldn’t – yet my mind was racing to find ways to escape. I realized in that moment that I had completely neglected my own self-care for at least a week and that it was time to take some action to fix that. I asked my husband if he could take our daughter and our new puppy out for a few hours on Sunday afternoon to give me some time alone. When we forget self-care, the results can be devastating on our family and friends. I am very thankful that I realized quickly what was going on. A few more days without any time for me and it could have been disastrous for me and my family.

What is self-care?

There are so many ways to define self-care and it could be a simple as taking a shower to spending a night or two away from home. We hear a lot about moms who are neglecting self-care, but in my experience, it’s not only moms who forget self-care. Most women go through a period in their lives when take care of themselves gets completely forgotten. And that’s when things start to get unhealthy.

What happens when we forget self-care?

At first, not showering for a few days or having no time for ourselves doesn’t necessarily bother us. We go through our days, wondering if we’re ever going to have a minute to pee alone, let alone shower without anyone else in the bathroom. Over time, these little lapses in self-care can lead to trouble. I pride myself in being really great at self-care; I used to have an amazing morning routine that would set me up for the day. Moving across the country and getting a new puppy completely eliminated that from my day. And once we started to deal with my daughter’s school refusal anxiety, it just got worse and worse for me.

How do we know we’ve forgotten self-care?

Here are some of the ways that I’ve seen it show up in my own life.
  • Looking for a way to escape or get away from everyone
  • Only showering or bathing a few times a week
  • Being short-tempered with everyone
  • Not wanting to share my feelings with others
  • Feel exhausted no matter how long I have slept
  • Lack of motivation for projects that would normally excite me

There are so many other ways that it could show up for you as well. It’s important to be self-aware and to notice when we are in need of time for ourselves. And then it’s up to us to ask for help.

Ways to take care of ourselves

In a previous blog post, I wrote that self-care goes beyond personal hygiene. I still agree with this point, however when we aren’t even doing the basics for ourselves, self-care can be as little as a bubble bath without interruption! What I did share in this post that’s helpful  is a list of ultimate self-care activities – some that are free and only take a few moments and others that can take a full day or weekend.

So what did I do with my 3 ½ hours alone? Bubble bath for starters! And then I did a clearing of our home using the sage smudge from Tiny Devotions. This was SO helpful as I felt the energy in our home shift immediately!!! The stress from the week really disappeared. Next, I spent an hour or so working on my vision and goals using a brand new planner that was gifted to me by Freedom Mastery. It’s a phenomenal  day planner that is super aligned with my Manifest Your Best Year Ever course, so I’ll be sharing the juicy details with you later. And lastly, I enjoyed a walk in the sunshine!!when we forget self-care

Even just a few hours can make all of the difference

My whole family felt the difference from our time apart and my time alone. After three weeks of massive anxiety and panic attacks about going to school, my daughter and I were able to walk to school together this morning without any panic attack! And she stayed at school for almost an hour (in her classroom, while I waited in the front hall). This is a huge improvement from last week. I was ready to throw in the towel and felt at the end of my rope. A few hours alone, with some sacred self-care activities and I was able to create a more positive outcome today!

If you are feeling like you are at the end of your rope or burnt out, it’s time for some self-care. It’s critical to find a few hours to yourself ASAP to avoid things getting any worse. I realize that all my challenges didn’t disappear because I took a bubble bath, but my outlook changed. Also, if you can make it happen, book a mini-getaway in a few weeks so that you have something to look forward to. My sister gave me the BEST birthday present, we are going to spend the night at Harrison Hot Springs in a few weeks. It gives me something to look forward to, even when things are super challenging.

What are you going to do TODAY so that you don’t forget about self-care?

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