You know that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize you’ve made a mistake? That’s how I felt yesterday morning when I realized that for the past 7 days, my blog posts had not been going out to my subscribers. This happened the day after I completed My Year of Gratitude, A Daily Gratitude Project. I thought it was strange that no one had responded to any of the posts for over a week. Perhaps everyone though I was done blogging?

Gratitude Tip: Making mistakes is a part of life. It’s how we choose to deal with them that creates our results – are we going to get upset and panic, or will be focus on how to correct and change things? We can be grateful for our mistakes as they are our biggest teachers. However it’s up to you whether you choose gratitude or frustration.

At first, I was definitely a little bit upset. I have been working with a new programmer/designer on my website and we are working on it live since I blog daily. You will notice that things are changing daily on the site, however the good news is that things that were broken are now working! Instead of a big reveal, we are working on and adjusting while I continue to add content daily. Perhaps it’s not the ideal situation, however I’m so happy to be on the path to having a properly functioning website. Anyhow, it was because of some of the changes that were made that the feed no longer worked with MailChimp. After some troubleshooting, we solved the issue and all is well!

The next step is to optimal my blog posts and to learn about how to probably use SEO within my blog posts, as well as using the right keywords. This is something I have been avoiding for a while, and it makes me uncomfortable when I start thinking about all that I have to learn and the work that I have to do. And I am choosing to lean into this discomfort instead of avoiding it. Here’s why:

When we lean into uncomfortable situations and stare our fears directly in the eye, we are on the verge of growth. Do this enough times and you’ll start to recognize the feeling. And instead of turning away from it, we can acknowledge it and take action, knowing that just beyond that feeling is growth. 

I have learned to recognize and be grateful for this feeling. It doesn’t happen as often as it did in the past, so when it does happen, even though it’s really uncomfortable, part of me is super excited because it means I’m about to step up to the next level of growth! And this is the key to achieving our goals.

Setting big goals means that we are going to have to go through a lot of discomfort. In order for us to reach massive goals, we need massive growth. Think of how a butterfly has to push and struggle to break free from the chrysalis. It may seems impossible at the time, but sure enough, a beautiful butterfly emerges and fulfills it’s destiny. 

Are you ready to learn from your mistakes? Would you be open to leaning into discomfort if you knew that it would lead to growth? I’m totally inspired by one of my teammates who did just that yesterday and made the commitment to join us for USANA’s International Convention. She’s only been on our team for a few short months and wasn’t quite ready to make the leap – but she did! And it’s going to be AWESOME. What are you learning from and leaning towards today?



Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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